Say hello to Mobius – Open GI’s latest technology innovation for the General Insurance market.

Mobius can enable you to:

  • Support your business with a complete tech solution for any type of insurance entity, class of business or market channel.
  • Maximise your online capabilities with cost-effective, branded and responsive digital solutions.
  • Automate the whole sales process from inception to renewal.
  • Sharpen your pricing strategy with real-time pricing, enrichment and product evolution.


A flexible technology solution for everyone

  • Unique - Mobius brings another dimension to insurance software for any style of MGA, Broker or Insurer.
  • Flexible - offers your business complete flexibility allowing you to work on the move and adapt to your clients’ needs.
  • Accessible - via a browser on any desktop or tablet for greater convenience and speed.

Supports all lines of business

  • No limits - from standard to niche - Mobius supports any line of business you trade.
  • Access to multi-vehicle – Mobius supports all wheel-based products from private car, classic car, van, motorcycle, tractor or truck.
  • Across all elements of Mobius, whether it be management of policy, client, rating or claims - any class of business can easily be catered for, giving your business the opportunity to grow and diversify into new markets.

Speed to market

  • Adaptable - thanks to its agile technology, Mobius provides you with the ability to become market ready with a new product both quickly and easily.
  • Market ready - depending on your needs we can design, create and build any new line of business complete with rating capability, portal functionality and a B2C, digital quote-and-buy solution in minimal time.
  • Reduced cost, time and effort – Mobius can help your business to seize new opportunities quicker than your competitors.

Enhanced user experience

  • Consistent UI - simplifying the quote journey process for an enhanced end-user experience.
  • Fully responsive - based on its clever intuitive interface, Mobius can be accessed via any desktop or tablet.

Comprehensive API suite

  • Seamless – integration with our extensive range of API’s.
  • Market-leading partners – connect to a range of partners and payment gateways so you can gain greater access to markets.
  • Customised B2C offering - equips your business with a solution to meet your online requirements and allows your clients to access your services online, 24/7.

Policy Admin

Whether you are a new entrant looking into a niche market or an established business wanting to increase your efficiencies, then you need the most advanced policy administration system. Our solution to you is Mobius Policy Administration System (PAS).

PAS combines the responsiveness, reliability and security of a cloud-based policy administration system. It is powered with the latest technology to create a scalable solution that grows with your business.

Policy Admin

Omnichannel across every business line

  • Multi-vehicle – our powerful solution gives you access to a wealth of schemes including, van, truck and commercial vehicle.
  • Grow your business online – we can offer a B2C package that fits your business need. We can provide a range of options from a standard quote-and-buy journey to a bespoke package where we work with you to design an online solution that meets all your requirements.
  • Flexible and secure – all our B2C solutions offer a secure and cost-effective option so your business can adapt and meet changing consumer buying behaviour.

sub-agent management

  • Efficient – if you have a wholesale agreement – PAS provides a streamlined way to deal with your sub-agent and broker relationships.
  • Full access – you have the capability to manage the administration of your sub-agents’ clients from point of quote to renewal.
  • Control – you can set the permissions and parameters to ensure your sub-agents have access to the right level of information.
  • Reduce time – helping you to create operational time savings.

Providing you with the widest access

  • Extensive – Open GI has the largest and most varied network of Insurers and third-party partners.
  • Right level of support – the network links your business to seek and grasp new opportunities.
  • Enriched connectivity – PAS has connectivity to aggregators, payment gateway providers, premium finance partners and enrichment sources – supports all standard and niche business lines.

Single client view

  • Unique – unlike any other policy administration system, Mobius provides Single Client View functionality. From a single dashboard your business can view the value and footprint of your clients.
  • One-click - your agents will be able to see at any time the status of your clients – whether there are any outstanding actions to deal with through to customer complaints. Your business can see it all in the click of a button.
  • Client Management - this sophisticated tool can identify and match records to connect clients – so you can see who is linked to who.


Mobius Ratings is a Hosted Pricing solution supporting all lines of business. The intuitive application allows you to manage, distribute and monitor your products whenever and wherever your business takes you.

Rating provides you with real-time control including the ability to test and learn. Mobius Rating also connects to software houses for the widest distribution and equips you with enrichment, quote manipulation and reporting tools.


Real-time control

  • Control - a centralised portal for rate updates which you can access from anywhere, anytime. Retain absolute control over all changes and distribution, including true test and learn capabilities in real-time.
  • No limits – from standard to niche and multi-vehicle, Rating supports any line of business.
  • Distribution – simple connectivity to other software houses to widen your distribution footprint and reduce your overall costs.


  • Standard connectivity - offers a wide choice of standard validation checks including ID, insurance fraud and risk scoring through to claims (sourced from CUE), commercial risks and vehicle checks.
  • Tailored connectivity - if your business requires something enhanced in terms of a validation check, we can offer our Enrichment Plus service. Working based on your specific requirements we can tailor a solution using a range of data sources to ensure you get the required validation check.

Quote manipulation

  • Detect fraud quickly and easily - Rating gives you the ability to detect fraudulent behaviour. By pre-defining your own set rules, you are able to see quickly when a quote is being manipulated allowing you, if necessary, to decline a quote before it progresses any further.

Product Performance

  • Analytics - delivered in real-time via easy-to-digest reports, including anonymised request and response data.
  • Monitor - product performance and risk profiles to see how you benchmark in the market, so they always remain competitive.


Our advanced claims management application, Mobius Claims can support the entire claims processing life cycle – from first notification of loss to settlement.

Mobius Claims is browser based so it’s accessible 24/7, to any user. And, with fully featured APIs, Claims also supports integration with other software applications.


Your platform – you control

  • Customised - a platform based on your business requirements. You determine the question sets for first notification of loss, plus you can add custom integrations from other data sources, e.g. Google Maps.
  • Smart Search - retrieve information quickly through the system’s simple search engine. Our Smart Search functionality works out what you are typing (e.g. policy/claim/claimant) and returns the relevant result.
  • Secure - hosted securely so when you login online, your data is secure, backed-up and protected at all times.

Configurable end-to-end-workflow

  • Any line of business – Mobius Claims supports all standard to niche products.
  • Documentation - you can upload various attachments to individual claims, including photos, and log everything in a single, paperless system.
  • Communication - email your clients quickly and easily, ensuring the service your clients receive is seamless.
  • Supplier Management - take control of your suppliers so you can provide the right level of service to end users.